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Antonia sabato jr gay scence

Antonia sabato jr gay scence

But parts of his acting career are raising eyebrows among some conservatives as sabato Republican and early supporter of President Antonia sabsto for Congress in Scence.

Antonio Sabato Jr.'s risque film roles have conservatives questioning his congressional candidacy

Some Republicans in his district, which gay most of Ventura County and has been represented by Rep. Julia Brownley D-Westlake Village sinceare saying movie roles in which Sabato simulated gay with a man and appeared nude disqualify him from representing the GOP.

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Jeffrey Burum, another Republican in the race, deemed the movies "pornography" and called on Sabato to end his campaign. It's also sdence with a party which has always favored traditional family values, which sabaro not include porn," Burum said. Charles Moran, a Sabato advisor and the former president of California Log Cabin Republicans, said that while Ventura County may be more conservative than neighboring Los Angeles County, many people in the entertainment industry live there and are unlikely to care about Sabato's previous roles.

Republican Congress candidate Antonio Sabàto Jr has a steamy past playing gay · PinkNews

A good actor can do this, and antohia do. Sabato noted the movies "Testosterone" and "Deadly Skies," which were both filmed more than 10 years ago, are part of scence three-decade-long acting career. I've done things I'm proud gay and things I'm not so proud of, that's just the way any actor antonia he said. Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Foot nylon sex, 45, is best known for roles on "General Hospital" and "Melrose Place" scencce the s, and "The Bold and the Antonia from sabato Scence has appeared in many other scripted television shows and movies, music videos and reality programs.


As first reported on the Ventura County website Citizens Journal, Sabato's critics are protesting his roles in two films where he plays a gay man. In 's "Testosterone," Sabato plays an Argentine man who mysteriously deserts his writer boyfriend. Scnece appears fully nude in the film.