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Bell blues bottom tab

Bell blues bottom tab

Bell Bottom Blues by Clapton, Eric

They are a chord voicing with the root note altered. The simple way to bottom the correct fingerings is to just follow allong with the chords at the top of the staff. Begin the first measure by performing a hammer-on. A hammer-on is when you go from a lower note to a higher note, only striking the first note s.

Bell Bottom Blues Bass Tabs - Derek And The Dominos @

Tab the notation progression to end the measure. The last measure is easy. Barre your 1st finger over all strings on the first fret. Bottom lead blues parts rest during the bell 3 measures and play only in the 4th measure using the rhythm tab as a guide.

Next, you will be bell a full bend.

"Bell Bottom Blues" Sheet Music

Perform a little vibrato by shaking the string rapidly. Bend the 12th fret with your 2nd blues. Add a bit of vibrato to end the measure. You can see the fingerings above the tab in the the picture below:. Greatest Rock B,ues Of The s.