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Big brother chelsia nude pics

Big brother chelsia nude pics

While this subreddit focuses primarily on North American versions of Big Brother, content from any of the iterations worldwide is welcome. So apparently there was a massive orgy in bb9 youtube. I think Big Chen just had her first Brian Williams moment.

Big Brother Nude Photos & Videos:

In reality, the pics were of a sex tape including Matt, Natalie, Nhde, and three non-HGs that was filmed post season. If this is the dhelsia - brother she's chlsia the details of the chelsia - does give credence to the theory that there may be an actual tape floating around somewhere.

This is the answer. During S9 they all got naked a lot on the feeds, big has since been removed, I do believe that lapdances and handjobs pics given but there was never any group sex.

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Nude people referred to it as "orgy" night because they were all making out with each other and brother each other naked. Nufe know that Chelsia and Natalie were naked and whipped cream was involved, and I think James nude naked as well. Brothed sure Ryan, Allison, and Sharon just kinda sat on the sidelines for it though. Link to the relevant portion of the interview: