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Blues licks piano midi

Blues licks piano midi

Oscar Peterson - Blues riffs in the style of Oscar Peterson midi file for Piano (midi) -

On this page you'll find lessons midi educational lixks I've written on the subject of piano. Modes, Scales licks Megascales. The Jazz Pianist's Left Hand. The Definitive "Giant Steps" Analysis. The 7 Blues Men and the Elephant The importance of a well-rounded musical education.

30 must have blues licks in C sheet music for Piano, Guitar download free in PDF or MIDI

Bopology Learn to solo in the BeBop idiom. Complete with MIDI audio examples. C minor Blues Pentatonic Fingerings The three main fingering postions for C minor blues pentatonic illustrated. Comping The "Dues and Don'ts" of accompaniment.

Exploring 9th Voicings Some interesting piano of LH chord stuctures utilising a major 9th interval span.

30 must have blues licks in C

Complete with MP3 audio example. Fowler-Brent Shorthand A precise and intuitive way of notating chords and scales. Internalizing Rhythm Find where it lives.