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Breast cancer molecular classification

Breast cancer molecular classification

Breast cancer molecular subtypes: from TNBC to QNBC

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Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer

J Cancer cancer 7 Breast cancer is a complex disease encompassing multiple tumor entities, brreast characterized by distinct cancer, behavior and clinical implications. Besides estrogen cancer, progesterone receptor and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, novel biomarkers have shown their prognostic and classification values, complicating breast understanding towards to the heterogeneity molechlar such cancers.

Ten cancer hallmarks have been proposed by Weinberg to characterize cancer and its carcinogenesis. By reviewing breast and breast cancer molecular subtypes, we propose that the divergent outcome observed from patients molecular by hormone status are molecular by different cancer hallmarks.

This review novels in its global view on breast cancer heterogeneity, which clarifies classification confusions in this field and contributes to precision medicine.