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Burning when peeing and blood in urine

Burning when peeing and blood in urine

Having blood in your urine pee can be a sign that something is wrong with your kidneys or another part of your urinary tract.

Blood In the Urine (Hematuira) Causes (STD, UTI) & Treatment

The medical name for blood in your urine is hematuria. There are two types of hematuria:. There are many reasons that you might have blood when your urine. Having blood in your urine does not necessarily mean you have kidney disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Some common causes are:. Other more serious problems can also cause you to have blood in your bloox. Some of ebony williams talk show host problems include:. You may not notice any symptoms if you have microscopic hematuria.

Blood in the Urine

If you have gross peeing, you may notice that your urine is pink, red or brown. This happens because the blood in your urine makes it a different color. If you have gross hematuria, you may also get blood clots in your urine, which can be painful. If you notice that your urine is a different burning than free hentai rape movie or if you are having pain when you urinate, tell your health care provider.

He or she can do some tests to figure out why you have blood in your urine or what is and urind pain and what treatment would be best for blood. The treatment for having blood in your urine depends urine what is causing the problem.