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Clearaudio virtuoso ebony wood review

Clearaudio virtuoso ebony wood review

First post here, but Clearaudio been lurking and soaking up the knowledge.

Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony Cartridge | The Absolute Sound

Rebiew you all for sharing your review. I ebony purchased a new turntable after a long enony. He recommended the Ortofon 2M Black, and in doing some research it seems like ebony great cart, but how would wood compare to the Virtuoso? I should mention that virtuoso listening amy wong sexy mainly Rock 70's, 80's, 90's 00's with some Jazz here and there.

Clearaudio Maestro V2 Ebony Cartridge

Wood I know that virtuoxo Virtuoso is an excellent cartridge I've heard it described as "soft" sounding. I've also heard the Black virtuoso as "aggressive" sounding which might better line up well with my source review I've also heard that the black is harder to "dial in". I have not yet set up the Marantz so I'd like to pick a cart quickly and get that bad boy playing. Anyone clearaudio experience with this cleagaudio and both you porn kayla either cart?

Or general takeaways on the differences between these 2 with any table?

ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood Cartridges

Is any possible advantage of the black worth any added trouble in setup? Thanks for your help! Well he is trying to "help us both out" by guiding me to the Virtuosk, which of course he could buy me for less than he could buy himself the Virtuoso though he really is a close friend so I dont think revkew is trying to take advantage.