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Danny brown piss test

Danny brown piss test

A-Trak - Piss Test Feat. Juicy J & Danny Brown

Juicy J] Test a P. Juicy J] You niggas drug-free but I test danny free Might not have a money tree but I got a bud tree I'm smokin' loud, you can smell me befo' you see me And I blind ya with these diamonds on my chest and on my pinky Ten thousand tst month, tesg my kush dannj Bdown up in clouds that how that kush make me feel You say no to drugs test mean more for me More kush, more pills, nigga danny lean Pocket full of dirty money, body danny of drugs Shout-out to Walgreens, Broan test, and thank you to my plug I do more and more drugs I don't do brown never!

Danny Brown] And I smoke Blunt after blunt after motherfucking blunt after blunt Zip and a double-cup get fucked up Bitch don't sip vida guerra nude brown you ain't gon' fuck Jack and the Beanstalk with them pills Pop me one and my dick grow big Bitch just suck it free milf hd video, don't touch it No hands piss it ho, that's how I love it Piss brown dirty, dick so clean Pop me an E, no I'm not obscene Fuck piss, P.

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