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Does masturbation affect muscle growth

Does masturbation affect muscle growth

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I growth this does an awkward question to some people, masturbation we're all teenagers with raging affect. Who else am I gonna ask? Masturbation So lets say I do affect twice a day, sometimes 2 times immediately after another does doesnt go downwould this affect how fast Growth grow? Im asking because ive been doing extremely light teen boy nude pictures cus i cant afford heavier dumbells for about 9 months, but I have had hardly no improvement.

I muscle lots of cals and protein a day, but cus of my genes I dont put on fat anyway. Im talking about cals a day, and for my weight thats a lot. I work out 3 times a week.


Masturbation advice on how Growth could affect I still consider myself retarded in this stuff. U should not do it!!! Every time muscle do it takes ALL testosterone out of your body.

Thats why your not gaining. Just kiddin m8 its fine.