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Искать регистрация домена в: Посмотреть примеры с переводом domain registration 4 примеров, содержащих перевод. Your Control Panel ensures that your changes are taken over immediately. If you run your own Nameserver, you can of course also use it for all domains that you manage through us. You can also register domains containing umlauts as well as domains consisting of numbers only.

A transfer lock or domain lock prevents unauthorized persons from initiating a transfer for your domain. We are a European, founder-managed company. Both our employeesas well as the data you hosted are of course in Europe. Trust in our many years of experience as a direct registrar for many domain extensions. About us you can also register domains with very unusual domain endings.

We are here for you personally, whether via telephone, email, live chat or our social media channels. More details can be found in our support area. Domain registration is the process that a registrant e. Domain registrations are always chargeable. By registering a domain, the registrant becomes the owner of the domain, provided that he registers himself as the owner of the domain.

During domain registration, we make sure that you comply with all the formal rules set by the respective authority. What those formal rules are, depends on the respective top-level domain. For example, some TLDs require the domain owner to be resident in a particular country. Со для даты окончания регистрации и до момента, когда домен может быть зарегистрирован снова, может потребоваться время на период восстановления.

И в случае, если вы не уплатили вовремя - ваш сайт будет недоступен, по этому очень важно, чтобы вы внесли оплату своевременно до даты, указанной домен. EURid управляет регистрацией доменных имён. Rulings are made by panellists, not judges. Panellists are drawn from a group of intellectual property experts situated throughout Europe.

Cases are conducted online. The correspondence between all parties occurs via email. Cases are usually conducted in the language of the domain name holder but can be filed in any language officially recognised in the EU.

Filing in another language must be approved by the panelist s chosen for the case and results in additional expense. In order for a. The accreditation process should be objective, transparent and non-discriminatory. Only parties who meet certain basic technical requirements to be determined by the Registry should be eligible for accreditation. Countries that are expected to join the European Union later than May should be enabled to block their official names and the names under which they are commonly known, so that they can be registered at a later date.

Similarly, the Commission should be authorised to select domain names for use by the institutions of the Community, and to designate the operator of those domain names. The Registry should be empowered to reserve a number of specified domain names for its operational functions.

Such lists include names that could either not be registered or which could be registered only under the second level domain in accordance with the public policy rules.

The names included in these lists are not subject to the first-come first-served principle. After the termination of the phased registration the principle of first come first served should apply in the allocation of domain names.

Phased registration should take place in two phases, with the aim of ensuring that holders of prior rights have appropriate opportunities to register the names on which they hold prior rights. The Registry should ensure that validation of the rights is performed by appointed validation agents. On the basis of evidence provided by the applicants, validation agents should assess the right which is claimed for a particular name.

Allocation of that name should then take place on a first-come, first-served basis if there are two or more applicants for a domain name, each having a prior right.

The Registry should also comply with the relevant data protection rules, principles, guidelines and best practices, notably concerning the amount and type of data displayed in the WHOIS database.

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Domain names considered by a Member State court to be defamatory, racist or contrary to public policy should be blocked and eventually revoked once the court decision becomes final. Such domain names should be blocked from future registrations. If the heirs or administrators concerned have not registered the name during that period it should become available for general registration.

Domain names should also be capable of revocation through an alternative dispute resolution ADR procedure.

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Without prejudice to Chapter IV, a specific domain name shall be allocated for use to the eligible party whose request has been received first by the Registry in the technically correct manner and in accordance with this Regulation. Once a domain name is registered it shall become unavailable for further registration until the registration expires without renewal, or until the domain name is revoked.

Unless otherwise specified in this Regulation, domain names shall be registered directly under the. Domain name registration shall be valid only after the appropriate fee has been paid by the requesting party. Domain names registered under the.

Article 3 Requests for domain name registration The request for domain name registration shall include all of the following: Any material inaccuracy in the elements set out in points a to d shall constitute a breach of the terms of registration. Article 4 Accreditation of registrars Only registrars accredited by the Registry shall be permitted to offer registration services for names under the. The procedure for the accreditation of registrars shall be determined by the Registry and shall be reasonable, transparent and non-discriminatory, and shall ensure effective and fair conditions of competition.

The Registry may set further basic technical requirements for the accreditation of registrars. The Registry may ask registrars for advance payment of registration fees, to be set annually by the Registry based on a reasonable market estimate.

The procedure, terms of accreditation of registrars and the list of accredited registrars shall be made publicly available by the Registry in readily accessible form. Each registrar shall be bound by contract with the Registry to observe the terms of accreditation and in particular to comply with the public policy principles set out in this Regulation. Article 5 Provisions for registrars Without prejudice to any rule governing jurisdiction and applicable law, agreements between the Registrar and the registrant of a domain name cannot designate, as applicable law, a law other than the law of one of the Member States, nor can they designate a dispute-resolution body, unless selected by the Registry pursuant to Article 23, nor an arbitration court or a court located outside the Community.

A registrar who receives more than one registration request for the same name shall forward those requests to the Registry in the chronological order in which they were received. Only applications received after the date of accreditation shall be forwarded to the Registry. Registrars shall require all applicants to submit accurate and reliable contact details of at least one natural or legal person responsible for the technical operation of the domain name that is requested.

For any communication by the Registry that affects the rights of a party in conjunction with a registration, such as the grant, transfer, cancellation or revocation of a domain, the Registry shall ensure that these communications are possible in all official languages. The Registry shall perform the registration of domain names in all the alphabetic characters of the official languages when adequate international standards become available. The Registry shall not be required to perform functions using languages other than the official languages.

The members of the Communications Committee and the Director-General may designate other contact points for these notifications. Objections and designations of contact points shall be notified in the form of electronic mail, delivery by courier or in person, or by postal delivery effected by way of registered letter and acknowledgement of receipt.

Upon the resolution of any objections, the Registry shall publish on its web site two lists of names.

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Article 8 Country names and alpha-2 codes representing countries Member States and acceding countries may request that their official name and the name under which they are commonly known in one or more of the official languages of the Community as extended in May shall not be registered directly under the. To that end, each Member State or acceding country shall send the Commission, within two months following the entry into force of this Regulation, a list of those names requiring to be reserved, as well as a designation of the body that will represent the national government in registering the names.

The Commission shall notify the Registry of the names that shall be reserved and the bodies that represent the national governments in registering the names. Candidate countries that are not due to join the European Union in May and member countries of the European Economic Area that are not Member States may request that their official name and the name under which they are commonly known in their own language and in any of the official languages as from May shall not be registered directly under the.

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To that end, those countries may send the Commission, within two months following entry into force of this Regulation, a list of those names which are not to be registered.

The Commission shall notify the Registry of the names that shall not be registered. Alpha-2 codes representing countries shall not be used to register domain names directly under the.

This may be done under any domain name that has been registered by that Member State. After the entry into force of this Regulation and not later than a week before the beginning of the phased registration period provided for in Chapter IV, the Commission shall notify the Registry of the names that are to be reserved and the bodies that represent the Community institutions and bodies in registering the names. The registration on the basis of a prior right shall consist of the registration of the complete name for which the prior right exists, as written in the documentation which proves that such a right exists.

The registration by a public body may consist of the complete name of the public body or the acronym that is generally used. Public bodies that are responsible for governing a particular geographic territory may also register the complete name of the territory for which they are responsible, and the name under which the territory is commonly known. Article 11 Special characters As far as the registration of complete names is concerned, where such names comprise a space between the textual or word elements, identicality shall be deemed to exist between such complete names and the same names written with a hyphen between the word elements or combined in one word in the domain name applied for.

Where the name for which prior rights are claimed contains special characters, spaces, or punctuations, these shall be eliminated entirely from the corresponding domain name, replaced with hyphens, or, if possible, rewritten. Special character and punctuations as referred to in the second paragraph shall include the following: Article 12 Principles for phased registration 1. Phased registration shall not start before 1 May and only when the requirement of the first paragraph of Article 6 is fulfilled and the period provided for in Article 8 has expired.

The Registry shall publish the date on which phased registration shall start at least two months in advance and shall inform all accredited Registrars accordingly. The Registry shall publish on its website two months before the beginning of the phased registration a detailed description of all the technical and administrative measures that it shall use to ensure a proper, fair and technically sound administration of the phased registration period.

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The duration of the phased registration period shall be four months. General registration of domain names shall not start prior to the completion of the phased registration period. Phased registration shall be comprised of two parts of two months each. During the second part of phased registration, the names that can be registered in the first part as well as names based on all other prior rights can be applied for as domain names by holders of prior rights on those names.

The request to register a domain name based on a prior right under Article 10 1 and 2 shall include a reference to the legal basis in national or Community law for the right to the name, as well as other relevant information, such as trademark registration number, information concerning publication in an official journal or government gazette, registration information at professional or business associations and chambers of commerce.

The Registry may make the requests for domain name registration subject to payment of additional fees, provided that these serve merely to cover the costs generated by the application of this Chapter. The Registry may charge differential fees depending upon the complexity of the process required to validate prior rights.

At the end of the phased registration an independent audit shall be performed at the expense of the Registry and shall report its findings to the Commission. The auditor shall be appointed by the Registry after consulting the Commission.

The purpose of the audit shall be to confirm the fair, appropriate and sound operational and technical administration of the phased registration period by the Registry. To resolve a dispute over a domain name the rules provided in Chapter VI shall apply.

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Article 13 Selection of validation agents Validation agents shall be legal persons established within the territory of the Community. Validation agents shall be reputable bodies with appropriate expertise.

The Registry shall select the validation agents in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner, ensuring the widest possible geographical diversity.

The Registry shall require the validation agent to execute the validation in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. Member States shall provide for validation concerning the names mentioned in Article 10 3. To that end, the Member States shall send to the Commission within two months following entry into force of this Regulation, a clear indication of the addresses to which documentary evidence is to be sent for verification.

The Commission shall notify the Registry of these addresses. The Registry shall publish information about the validation agents at its website. Article 14 Validation and registration of applications received during phased registration All claims for prior rights under Article 10 1 and 2 must be verifiable by documentary evidence which demonstrates the right under the law by virtue of which it exists. The Registry, upon receipt of the application, shall block the domain name in question until validation has taken place or until the deadline passes for receipt of documentation.

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