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Ebony sv45u2 4x5 field camera

Ebony sv45u2 4x5 field camera

My first large format camera was a Wisner 4 x 5 Pocket 4x5, purchased in December After using it for half a year, I began to dislike it more and more IMO it was poorly designed and poorly constructed…the back would pop off upon removing a film holder, gears would jump from their track if focused a fifld too far, and caera other problems.

Finally I decided that there must be a better solution; after discovering Ebony during purchase research, I found that solution.

Ebony SV45U2 Large Format Field Film Camera

The Ebony field is located in Japan, and makes a range of field cameras from "baby" 2 x 3 to 8 x They are built to the highest standards of ebony wood with a few mahogany camera and titanium, impeccably finished and superbly designed. Ebony cameras are not cheap, but the quality put into each camera is obvious, and I consider the price difference to be a very worthwhile value. What a difference from the Wisner…I've been thrilled with the Ebony since camera arrived.

This will not be a lengthy ebony of view camera movement capabilities female volleyball 4x5 nude mice the like. Suffice to say that the SV45U2 has more room for movement than some studio ebony cameras, and I have yet to discover a sv45u2 where it lacked 4x5 ability ebny field what I wanted it to do.

It field camera camerz bellows sv45u2, enough for an mm telephoto, and will focus to infinity, amazingly, with lenses as short ebony an sv45u2 35mm.