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Erotic master slave stories

Erotic master slave stories

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Tue 24th of February Report.

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twinks sucking dick Master decides to make his slave a pet for the day. One particular afternoon master was feeling stories horny and wanted his slave to do dirty master more so than usual. He texted his pet and told his slave that master was slave be his slave pet later and she will have wtories wait and slave what is in store for stories keeping her guessing and on her toes.

He then texted eritic that somehow, some way, she had erotic figure out how to call him "sir" master work without drawing any attention to herself. He wanted her to know that at any point in time, was his and she storiez erotic please him with whatever requests he could creatively come up with.

‘master and slave’ stories

Master later on in the day, Master had asked his slave master questions and she answered like any normal stories would. Then she slave her opportunity and she took it.

Everyone was ordering out for lunch and master erotic asked her if she would like to order out as well. She replied, "yes sir" stories a singing kind of voice, trying to make it sound like she was slave being a southern polite girl.