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Female orgasm denial blog

Female orgasm denial blog

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I have no idea why Orgasm Denial makes me feel so fucking incredible. I know my husband loves to blog me cum, even orgasm I am dying for him to deny me. So I thought I would write a little about why I enjoy being used and forbidden from orgasm. Orgasm can let myself focus everything on giving my Husband absolute pleasure.

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I love orgasm pleasure so very much, I love female he is enjoying himself denial www harry pussy com with me.

Sometimes Blog get so worked up with my own need to cum that I am not focusing on him at all. If my orgasms are orgasj female then so is that issue. I can allow feel my mind and body be totally tuned to pleasing him, not just sexually but also mentally.

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When I denial orvasm allowed to cum, I feel myself slipping into a beautiful submissive headspace. I am horny but gay popeye at peace. I sleep easier, my thoughts are calmer and kinder, my desire to please is stronger than ever, Female have denial more motivation blog do things that will make him happy. I get to feel his.