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Foam closure strip for metal roof

Foam closure strip for metal roof

Roof closure strips are sections made of foam or other flexible material that are used to seal the closrue clisure along the edges foam a for by corrugated metal roofing.

If roof closure closure are not used, every place the metal is raised leaves a gap between the wood of the roof and the corrugated metal.

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Roof closure strips are made to fill this gap and come in many different styles to fit the various kinds of metal roofing that are commonly available. These strips seal out animals, birds and insects. They will also stop wind, rain and other weather-related problems. Select the right roof clossure strips for the type of strip roofing you have. Catalogs typically show different silhouettes to make it easier to find the appropriate strips.

Match the pattern of the metal to the style of the strips. Apply metal closure strips to the wooden roof decking.

Closure Strips

Do this prior to the installation of the metal panels. Place the closure strips along the entire length of the roof, right at the edge, but not so close that any of lil kim nude pic strip hangs over the edge of the roof. The foa, strips to use have an adhesive backing, conveniently holding them roof place during the installation of the roof.

Lock the end tabs together as you install them, if your closure strips have this feature.