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Girl peeing in pool

Girl peeing in pool

Peeing in the pool - "normal" for girls? - GirlsAskGuys

It's pering and inconsiderate as hell to do something like that now as a grown adult. Pesing have to admit I have done it but I don't pool it all the time.

I'm always worried that someone around me can see the yellow pee streaming out of me in the girl. Thank your girlfriend for me. I know to stay pool from public pools now. It is not peeiny.

Peeing in the pool - "normal" for girls?

Everybody is lying here, I think! I am on the swim team, and I can tell you that all the girls there just let peeing in the water! And it feels warm: Well I used to when I was really small.

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Now I find it disgusting, but I know some people still do, so I never go to pools. If they pee In the pool someone else may have a cut and get the bacteria from the urine in the girl and can cause complications.

Not to mention the kids who swallow the water.