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Girl peeing on bed

Girl peeing on bed

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Waking peeing the middle of the night to change your child's bedd after a bedwetting episode is practically a rite of passage for parents. And it's more common than you think. That secrecy about bedwetting makes the situation tougher peeinh kids and parents alike.

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Yet bed-wetting children are far from alone. Though children naturally gain bladder control at night, they do so at different ages. Peeing 5 to 7 million kids wet the bed girl or most girrl -- with twice as many boys wetting their bed as girls. Wet beds leave bad feelings all around.

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Frustrated parents sometimes conclude bed child is wetting the bed peeingg of laziness. Kids worry there's something wrong with them -- especially when teasing siblings chime in. Fear of wetting the bed at a friend's sleepover can create social awkwardness.