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Greek beaches thassos nude

Greek beaches thassos nude

Greek nice beach, a little bit more expensive from Golden Beach. On Paradise beach the umbrella and bed nude 7 euros with no drinks and on Golden beach coast beaches and they give you free drink.

The best nudist beach on Thasos

At the end thassos Paradise beach is located really nice nude beach, its only rocks not sand but its lovely water and view. We have been in Thassos beginning of July. From there thzssos the beach it is around km. Greek good but with nude curves.

From the main road to the beach there is a beaches nude. Besches on the beach to small so you have to go early in beaches morning.

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The beach - marvelous. Clear water ,super sand.

Paradise Beach

There is also a very good restaurant. It thassos a nice beach but a lot of people beachws it, if you are looking for somewhere peaceful this is greek the place for you. I included this beach in thassos 3 beaches in Thasos.