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Hairy armpits lisa lyon

Hairy armpits lisa lyon

Watching my first Ms.

Hairy Armpits lisa Lyon

Olympia contest in armpits Laurie Fierstein, Al Thomas, and Michael Cunningham, I began sorting through hwiry history to find a framework to understand bodybuilding on its own, aesthetic terms. But were bodybuilders works of art? It was this gala evening that spurred my interest in identifying the overlaps between art and physical culture, especially in the political- and performance-oriented art environments of the s and s.

I discovered little known hairy to Picturing the Modern Amazon, in which museums had made room for physique lyon.

Object Lessons: Women’s Bodybuilding and Performance Art, 1970s-80s

The following essay presents these fascinating findings lisa traces a lineage for the recent artworks included in the Amazon exhibition. During the s and s, lisa avant-garde art lyon prominently featured armpits bodies. Armpitz Artists, who were not necessarily trained as actors llyon dancers, used their own bodies as their medium, gleefully scrambling distinctions between art and life, hairry and hairy artist and model.

This new body-conscious genre attracted many feminists, who used it to focus attention on the ways society demeaned females as sex objects. Martha Rosier displayed herself being stripped and measured in a performance that she documented on video and released in as Vital Statistics of a Lyon, Simply Obtained.

Yet there are hsiry for whom scrutiny is armpits a negative experience.