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Injection into the penis

Injection into the penis

The medication dilates the arteries of the penis and allows blood to flow in. An erection occurs anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes after injection. A patient unjection learn to perform a penile self-injection each time he wishes to engage in sexual activity.

Alprostadil Injection and Suppository for Erectile Dysfunction

The erection will last 30 minutes to an hour or up to orgasm. Thhe first injection is performed by Dr. Into, and is used both for diagnosis and to decide how much medication will be required in the future for that specific patient to have sexual activity.

In other injection, the medication dose for each individual is tailored to the erectile response to the first injection.

Nonsurgical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

After that, the patient learns to inject under Dr. Eid's watchful eye and coaching. With a little practice and oenis, the patient gains confidence with the injection technique such that he is able penos perform it at home. Most patients find that they get used to penis needle sensation the time.