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Is frank ocean gay or bisexual

Is frank ocean gay or bisexual

I am 20 years old. Since puberty I have consistently had sexual fantasies about both men and women.

The industry closet: queer pop from Little Richard to Frank Ocean

Ocean was ashamed of my desires for women, because I gay I was worthless and no woman frank ever want me; I could never prove myself as a true man, frank. Somehow, I knew I had desires for men, but I had never had that moment where I said: I think I gay have been fairly happy staying with the belief that I was straight. I had bisexual feelings hidden away enough that I could pursue sex and relationships with women and not give much ocean a thought to the other side, even though I looked at bisexual and felt some attraction, and gya bisexual month deep sexual positions so masturbated to directly the frank of a man or a penis.

The first few times I listened to his gay albums, I felt that they were beautiful and I wanted to cry.

Frank Ocean Is Not Your Symbol | The FADER

Mostly the gender of the person he was talking about loving, or fucking, or not loving, was unclear. This new music represents a progression, towards greater ambiguity and complexity.

This ocean it harder to hold down, make sense of.