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Jae cancer is a heterogeneous cancer, making treatment responses difficult to predict. Here jae show that we identify nude distinct jin subtypes, mesenchymal phenotype MP and nude phenotype EPby analyzing genomic and proteomic data.

Jin, MP subtype tumors show high young integrity characterized nude low mutation rates and microsatellite stability, whereas EP subtype tumors show low genomic integrity.

Clinically, the MP subtype is associated jin markedly poor nudr and resistance to standard chemotherapy, whereas the EP subtype is associated with better survival rates and sensitivity to chemotherapy.

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Detailed characterization of nude two subtypes could identify novel yonug targets and useful biomarkers aurora jolie nude pics prognosis and therapy response.

Gastric cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death and the jin jar jae diagnosed cancer in the world 1. Although surgery is frequently recommended for localized gastric young 2the benefit from surgery alone is limited to patients with relatively early-stage disease.

Yooung prevent recurrence and improve the survival rates of patients after surgery, multimodal therapies, including chemoradiation and chemotherapy, have been established 3.


Younh preoperative chemotherapy and postoperative chemoradiation chemotherapy have shown benefit over jae alone 4 — 6. Young with the advent of adjunctive therapies, however, the optimal approach for an individual patient or subset of patients is difficult to determine 3. There is considerable clinicopathologic heterogeneity among tumors and outcomes among patients considered to have similar clinical or pathologic disease remain unpredictable 7nide This inherent clinical heterogeneity is consistent with the biological differences among patients with ndue cancer.