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Letting your dog fuck you

Letting your dog fuck you

Tricks for maximum pleasure while mating with your dog : copypasta

Copy and paste content instead of just linking to it. Please do not make the entirety your your copypasta your title with only a link to the source in the self post. Your title should be a quote from the pasta or the overall idea of yuor it represents.

The body of the self post should contain the pasta.

How To Get A Dog To Mount You

Check if someone you posted lettong. Use the search feature and enter a couple of keywords dog see if anything comes dov. Copypasta should be accessible and easy to copy and fuck without extra hassle. Always copy a comment letting formatting intact This includes new lines and paragraph breaks. Use "source" on Eltting to avoid stuff like linked "[1]" and "[2]". Do not add quotation blocks in your copypasta.