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Lick my love pump piano tabs

Lick my love pump piano tabs

Im looking for some piano songs and dont list sorgens Kammer cuz i already have that so yeah if u know any post em'.

Nigel Tufnel

I don't keep an ear out for piano stuff, those are just the two that stick out in my mind the most. It sounds so cool, especially the ipano part. If you don't mind "unmetal" stuff, check out Dream Theater first one that comes to mind is Finally Free, but there's lots of stuff. I like a lot loge Norther stuff piano-wise.

Anyone have the sheet music to 'lick my love pump' by spinal tap?

Of Darkness and Light has some cool parts in it. So do many others. I'll give it a shot and transcribe the intro to phobophile piano in powertab. Ok i finshed it. I'm currently tuned one whole step lovr so it may not be right.