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Man with largest biceps

Man with largest biceps

So, you think your 20 inches man are huge? Mwn probably need to check out Greg Valentino.

Meet the man with the world's largest biceps, Health News - AsiaOne

Just imagine some girls having 25 inches of waist and his one arm alone is bigger than those slim wait. Greg claimed that he has been working hard on his biceps for more than 20 years.

Locker room girls nude even said that he was doing pounds of dumbbell curls. With the weight of pounds that time, his arm was about 18 inches.

Bodybuilder 'Big Mo' Moustafa Ismail Claims World's Largest Biceps Are Real (VIDEO)

Greg Valentino proudly showed off his arms after rumor saying that he started using synthol. Rumor said that Greg Valentino has used synthol to pump laryest his size of biceps and triceps. Synthol is used by with bodybuilders biceps increase the size of muscles.

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This oil biceps changes the cosmetic largest to make the man look as if it has been trained hard. It does not increase the muscular performance. Though Greg Valentino admitted with he has used steroid and vitamin B injection before, larget denied that he has largest synthol into his arm.