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The phone number confirmation is carried out in the automatic mode - SMS-code or voice code. A photocopies or a scanned copy of an official document passport is not required, but in some cases, we can request this document. In this case, the document will be deleted after verification to ensure the security and confidentiality. A cancellation of the Service with a full refund of money can be requested within 24 hours.

You must pay for all services before the "End Date". The lack of payment entails the cancellation of the service without any warning. The Client undertakes to inform the Provider in advance of any payment delays.

You must pay all rental days, including days of downtime, directly related to the disconnection of the service due to lack of payment. Singapore, Australia, England London depends on the currency EUR. The cancellation of the "Dedicated Server" Service in the following locations is possible only until the 19th day 23 hours 59 minutes of the calendar month: France Paris France Paris9: France kimsufi Canada SyS and Canada kimsufi.

If the Cancellation is requested after this date, the Service must be paid for the whole next calendar month. The Cancellation of the "Dedicated Server" Service in all other locations must be requested no later than the "End Date". The cancellation of the Services Dedicated and Virtual Servers with a recalculation of funds before the End Date is not provided. Refund for the "Dedicated Server" Service is possible only before the order is sent to the activation.

In other cases, a request may be considered on an individual basis. Refund to the payment system is carried out within days except for the Test Period days.

How To Buy A 24/7 Server in Minecraft 1.13 (How To Make A 24 Hour Minecraft 1.13 Server)

In case of compensation based on the SLA, the refund to the external accounts of the customer is not provided. In case of pre-term cancellation of the Service we tread each question individually depending on the situation that was paid for 3, 6 or 12 months and provided at a discount, we make refund on the basis of the monthly full rent cost excl. The original documents are shipped via the postal service Russian Post, or you can fetch them yourself in Moscow.

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All Dedicated and Virtual servers their Operating System are managed by the client themselves, unless the Administration service is ordered. With the help of these instant messengers, you can only consult with us or discuss issues. In the event of receipt of abuses, the Client undertakes to take measures within a given period, to eliminate violations and notify the Provider about it.

Intentional violation criminal actions of the "Acceptable Usage Policy" entails the blocking of services and in some cases the entire account, without the possibility of creating new orders and even tickets.

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Bueno Hola gente como estan en este caso estmaos en un video nuevo de como crear un Server de Minecraft 24 horas alos 7 dias de la semana gratis de por Procfile download: Multistreaming with restream. Mi Instagram: Los Mejores Precios! Ouvrir ses ports pour un serveur Minecraft bix 2 years ago.

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How do you buy a Minecraft server? Well, in this video I go over exactly that showing you every step of buying a Minecraft 1. I even show you how to Minehub - minehub. Configuring server plugins and spending your hard earned money on Remember To Go Sub To Windows and Mac MineField Year ago.

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Burgnoah 2 months ago. Minecraft Minium 2 years ago. In this video, I teach you exactly how to start a 24 hour Minecraft 1. A 24 hour Minecraft server is the best way to get a server because it allows you to