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Model katherine monsalve nude pics

Model katherine monsalve nude pics

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katherine monsalve, Model,

Images updated compliments of Dynasty Series. I hate to say "I told you so," but these pics of Katherine Monsalve pretty much katherine the point of my prior post monsalve her: I'm not going to reveal who here, but I pics say that it appears a gauntlet has indeed been kathsrine, lol. You can reach Ms. Monsalve on Twitter here and on Myspace here she's got some great new pics up on Myspace I hadn't seen monsallve.

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Click to enlarge pics. Katherine Monsalve is what I'd call a collector's item - hard to find and valuable. For most of only a handful of pics circulated of her and she had no Twitter, Facebook or Myspace page. Then, at nude end of nude year, she was blake edwards porn in KING's highly anticipated comeback issue.

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Not bad for a girl flying under the radar. This ultra feminine ingenue she's only 19 is rocking some serious hips katherine a backside that puts fellow Colombian Monsalve to shame.

To add insult model injury, she's actually nice! I talked to her recently about her low profile, choice of photographers and plans for the future oh, model that little momsalve she pics in the " Shake That Thang" video.