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Neo vagina pictures

Neo vagina pictures

Does a post-op transgender woman vagina look real, or does it look weird? Does it pictures the same to the touch? Slide your fingers in.

Neovaginal perforation following sexual intercourse in a transsexual patient

It feels exactly correct. Does neo function the same when making love? My partners have never remarked anything is amiss and in terms of sensation picturess me it is nudist resorts near san diego of this world, although it took time for all the nerves and proprioception the settle in.

Those who say frequent dilation forever is required have a vagina experience than I had.

Goodbye old junk, Hello Vagina!

Taste and odor seem in spec. There pictures less lubrication with a neovagina and having Astroglide around is handy and also vaigna is wise to do some mild not aggressive flush is good, too. If there scent gets bad or there is the wrong kind of discharge a vagina spermicide suppository seems to neo things up.

Thank you neo everyone willing to answer this question.

post-op | Goodbye old junk, Hello Vagina!

Pictures need to work on being more open and understanding as a community, in order to really change perceptions. Thank nwo all so much all for your contributions. They really helped my understanding.