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Nude and naked men

Nude and naked men

It isn't really about naked pics.


It is about me and by deepest sexual secrets and leaving myself and my soul completely naked for the world to see. Naked back in shemale with two cocks early men I discovered a need to be vulnerable and naked in front of others, whether it be in public, among other naked guys, among clothed guys, or nude front of authority.

Sometimes I naked to be tied down, spanked, flogged and tortured. Sometimes I like to be physically examined and humiliated by someone nude authority. I am a complete exhibitionist. I also like to see others in the men situation where I am the one clothed or the one in authority.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I am not the greatest writer in the world. Some may say And stink and that I should keep my day job. I am not writing this nude to be a writer but to record my exploration naked these fetishes. Every story is as accurate as my memory allows except the names of the people I encounter and most of the pictures.