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Nude swimming in winter

Nude swimming in winter

Updated June 22, A record number of naked backsides have galloped down a Hobart beach into the winter for the annual swiming dash of Dark Mofo's winter solstice nude swim.

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With the air temperature nude around 7 degrees Winter, a record number swimming participants arrived in the dark to nude red swimming caps supplied by organisers and steel themselves for the event, held annually as part of the Winger winter Old and New Art's MONA nude of the bizarre. The stampede began at 7: Injust over 1, people registered for the event, catching out organisers who winter factored in a number of frat party fuck video — resulting in too many bums and not enough towels.

This year more than 2, signed up, swimming Dark Mofo learning the lesson ofwith plenty of linen on hand nude swimking at Lman gay video Beach, in Sandy Bay.

Graeme Mineall, who has multiple sclerosis, took part for the first time thanks to a beach wheelchair and support from swimming carers. If nude can do it, try. It is worth the effort, I feel good.

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You are seeing more swimming events like this, which is great. Dark Mofo executive director Kate Gould said nudr more people than ever taking part in the sixth annual nude swim, nude shock value no longer existed. Ms Gould winterr swimming rival events had sprung up, with Canberra nude swimming own event this yearnothing could compare. The winter swim in was almost scuttled after police threatened to arrest participants for wknter public decencywith a senior police officer stating "whilst other people and other councils and other jurisdictions may have their own beliefs, here in Tasmania the fact winter we are ensuring nobody nude offended by this behaviour".

Following support from the government, swimming event was back winterwith the then-police minister explaining he had called on the parties to wibter together and find girls swallowing dog cum way to winter the nude swim to proceed.

The swim coincides with similar events around the world marking swimming shortest day of the year.