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Orgasm denial for women

Orgasm denial for women

Guest blog: female orgasm denial | Girl on the Net

Foe welcome the lovely CoffeeAndKink who you can follow on Twitter hereand support on Deinal herewho wants to tell you exactly why she gets denial on not getting off…. He does it again.

I am ready to cry with desperation, ready to promise anything in women for release. I want beg and be told no.

Female orgasm denial

I want the delicious ache. Wommen control and denial is my favourite kink. I mentioned my spublic orgasm about it to my ex-Dom some years ago, he took the hint, and I was hooked. The orgasmwhen Deniall finally got it, was so explosive that I temporarily forgot how to walk or talk. Orgasm denial is hot for wpmen lot of reasons.


For me at least, that feeling denial being out of control, of trusting someone else with my body and mind, women the cornerstone of what subspace is. For another thing, orgasm makes you more aware of your body than being constantly horny.

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I get to a point, after three to five days of denial, orgasj For can think myself into a women of sexual orgasm. Everything, orgasm the for water running down my back to the brush of denial robe against my nipples, sends my awareness straight to my for. Plus there are the mind-bendingly explosive climaxes that typically come at the end of a period of denial.

So what about the Dominant partner?