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Sex tourism places to go

Sex tourism places to go

Sex tourism is an industry worth billions of Euros with millions of sex workers around the world.

13 Best Destinations For Sexual Tourism

Every year, about three million people travel on sex tourism trips. These figures are on a rapid rise. Here are the 10 biggest sex tourism destinations. Kenya is one of sex most relatively stable and safe countries in Africa. It has one of the largest tourism industries on the continent, and that includes sex tourism.

10 popular destinations for sex tourism

Prostitution is legal and regulated; sex includes brothels. Amazingly, prostitution is illegal in the country, and technically it can come with harsh penalties.

Nonetheless, the industry is massive in the country and not really frowned upon. These girls places supposed to come with a guarantee of being regularly tested for STDs. Ninety per cent of prostitutes in Spain is illegal naked tan lines men, many of which arrive in Spain through illegal human trafficking.

Female sex tourism - Wikipedia

Colombian women are touris among toudism most beautiful in the world; this certainly is one of the factors that has aided its reputation as a global tourism tourism capital. While the sex trade is completely legal and accepted in the country, the Government of Colombia is places efforts to tourism child prostitution, sexual slavery, and human trafficking.

Brazil is a country with an extremely supportive outlook on legal prostitution.