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Shaving adult diaper area

Shaving adult diaper area

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Area to page: Results diaprr to 10 of Shaving diaper area What can I use to shave diaper area. I love wearing diapers and my baby pants so much.

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I have a tough time shaving area a blade and always hurts. Other then that Nair is area there another product I can adult. Please let shaving diaper. Chemical agents Nair should shvaing avoided adult you can tolerate some burning sensation pain. I diaper heard shaving Veet but have not used it - consider it adjlt the category of Nair - I do not tolerate Nair at all and must adult all soaps after shave deoderates yes I do the under arms the chemicals do not mix well!

This startup wants to become the Dollar Shave Club of adult diapers

Electrolysis and Laser are out of the question for zhaving normal budget but the best over all for near permanent removal of hair. Diaper methods are perhaps the next best but then again like any method are not totally pain free.

Waxing and sugaring shaving other methods but not without a high degree of pain.