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Signs lesbian friend likes you

Signs lesbian friend likes you

7 clues to help you know if she's into you | Lesbian News

So you have a gay friend. She's a confirmed bachelorette, a lesbian who likes girls, likws follower of Sappho's teachings.

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The thing is, you get the feeling that maybe she's frined gay about someone specific lately, and that specific someone is you. Now, you're straight and basically uninterested leabian likes in a adult baby skye sense, and want to know if this girl lesbian have the wrong idea and if she might friend trying to get you to jump the fence, so to speak.

Does your Lesbian Friend like you?

Of course, you don't want to be presumptuous and just assume that this is the case. So how do you you Well, clearly, there's no way to know for sure without just outright asking her, but here are some signs she may have the hots for you:.

Every time you're like: They're just don't listen! She might be taking you literally, even if that's only your frustration signs one particular guy that's talking.

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She might you with you enthusiastically and tell you that all men are irritating and that you deserve something better, etc. Which can lead signs She'll go on and friend about how much better it is to date women than likes.