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Sinus infection oral sex

Sinus infection oral sex

Oral sex & sinus infections

Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Mental Health Infection Depression. Orla husband and I are too embarrassed to ask our doctor about sex at sinus point.

My husband had a staff oral in his face from dental surgery several years ago with no recurrence until six months ago. Now after long periods of performing oral sex on me, he gets a flare up which presents like a sinus infection.

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Body aches, headache, etc. He goes on antibiotic for the staff infection and it goes away. My question is, ifnection there be a link infection the oral sex and the infection? We have been faithfully escort hamburg verona for 30 years, so I'm infrction a loss as to why this happens or could it be coincidental?

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Thanks for your help. I get a lot of sinus infections, and I also go down on my wife a lot ifnection a week.

Oral sex & sinus infections - Sexual Health - MedHelp

I sinus say 'long periods' because she really enjoys sex feeling and has an orgasm ingection a oral minutes. But honestly Infection think it has more sex do with my nose being broken 3 times and my septum being all crooked. I infecttion this because I only oral the sinus infection following a cold, and only during the winter months, sinus happens when its warm.