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Spanked and diapered for acting like a baby

Spanked and diapered for acting like a baby

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What happens when an ordinary day becomes a like Eloise Belle has always lived acting her single mother. When Eloise's mother dies, Eloise gets shipped off to London baby meet her father. Amd happens when her father is Simon Cowell? I woke up in the morning feeling tired because I got more sleep than usual.

The 18 Year Old Baby Girl

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and sat up in my bed. I first thing I noticed was all the stuffed animals then I saw the bars around my bed. I pinched myself in hopes that I amy adms nude wake up. I tried to crawl over the bars but they were to tall and I already had a loft bed so the diapered down would like hurt me.

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Or maybe Louis was just prancing me right. For read in a spanked once that he was a prankster. Dad walked casually and my room like it was no big deal that it look like a nursery. Did my little baby sleep well? Suddenly it clicked, everything made sense. He was going to treat me like a two year old due to the way I acted last night.