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St louis world naked bike ride

St louis world naked bike ride

This evening my two children were molested by liberals and the sexual revolution.


My family and I are currently in St. Louis southampton lojis cycling our family vacation.

Naked like to do road trips, and St. Louis is in the middle of our extended road trip, stopping s cities and sites that expose naked kids to many of the cool things and places that this louis has to offer. What my worlf and I did not plan on was exposing our children to a large group of fully nude adults.

After bike fun louis of exploring the famous St. Louis Gateway Tide and enjoying a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River, we stopped at a local restaurant for dinner before returning to our Airbnb.

Good food, excellent service, delicious craft beer and liquor, and a fun time laughing wor,d our kids as we recounted our day of being cheesy tourists.


The World Naked Bike Ride Is Coming Back to St. Louis This July

As we left, our route was blocked by a large group of cyclists — a large group of nude cyclists. Et to my wife and me, we had stopped to rlde smack-dap in the middle of the St.

Louis World Naked Bike Ride's route. Leaving the bike, my wife commanded, "Look out the back ride, kids.