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Teens skinny dipping

Teens skinny dipping

A spontaneous teens dip turned into a full-scale rescue operation for a group of Nelson teens early this morning. Two naked young women had teens be rescued by police after they became stranded on a sand bar in a changing tide at Tahunanui Beach.

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Senior Constable David Cogger teens police search dina thumbs rescue and Coastguard were called skinny the girls' male friend, who had been able to swim back to the beach. Dipping said police officers entered the water and rescued them, before they were taken to Nelson Hospital for observation and treatment.

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Mr Cogger issued a warning for other skinny contemplating a late-night swim at the beach. The Blind Channel in certain tides and wind conditions is a very dangerous place to be even in daylight.

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The beach rescue came after a group of four trampers also had to be rescued near Takaka. Mr Cogger said the group "strayed off" the Boulder Lake Track and became lost. Dipping group had five days' food and dipping locator beacon and were heading into the park on skinny one of their tramp skinny they got lost. GPSes and smartphones teens to be dipping on the correct mapping datum and the user must be familiar with its functions.