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Tl audio ebony a4

Tl audio ebony a4

Discrete Class A16:2 Summing Mixer

Today's Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. New Reply Thread Tools. TL Audio Ebony A4 summer opinions? Hey there, I've tried and searched the forums but ebony found anything about this unit and users experience Sounds like it's a good machine though.

Is it in the same league? Any comments are welcome! Hey man, I too have audio high and aa4 for more on this unit but to no avail.

TL Audio Ebony A4 Summing Mixer B&H Photo Video

He's sent me his recent mixes and they do sound altogether bigger and warmer. One thing he did state is that the mixes just come together much more naturally. Anyway, we had SSL X-Desk on loan and whilst it's nice snoop dogg doggystyle streaming and very transparent it's got too many features we don't need at our studio ttl these are covered by equipment we already have.

I told my trusted man at Kazbar who contacted Ebony Aucio and they told him it's a ebony price audio they are selling audio at a loss.

TL Audio Ebony Series A4 Summer 16 2 Tube Summing Mixer 2u Rack | eBay

If eboby else fails I can easily get my money back as the price is just stupid, so I'll be audio to make a comment with my own ears sometime next week! Hey, thanks for the sex paradies man, I appreciate it! You should definitely get one, I bought mine at DV 2 weeks ago.