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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. QuinStreet Inc. Retrieved 11 August Retrieved 7 August I mean we bought a website in the United States called VacationRentals.

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The only reason we bought it was so Expedia couldn't have that URL. Retrieved 22 March The Telegraph. Retrieved 23 November Cambridge, Massachusetts: Business Wire. Retrieved 1 October He sold two domains that year, each for seven figures. Besides Seniors. The domain was purchased by Chinese gamemaker 37Wan. In OctoberComputer. It was bought by a Chinese company because the number signifies "information" and can be used to call in restaurant and hotel reservations, according to DN Journal similar to in the US.

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It was purchased by Gamewave Group Limited. It was the largest domain sale of the year. Moniker brokered a deal to sell social. But don't expect any sort of fun chat site: Salesforce bought the URL and it now directs to one of the company's advertising pages.

ClickSuccess L. It was the biggest domain-only sale in years.

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German commerce company Unister GmbH bought Shopping. They wanted to create easy access to sugary sweets online, so they made a big bet on the simple domain. A billionaire in Russia who owns the country's largest vodka maker, Russian Standard Co.

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Michael Castello purchased the domain 19 years ago, in Marchwhen it cost nothing to obtain. I always enjoyed "The Whisky", with its musical heritage and scene where the likes of The Doors and Janis Joplin played. Years later, I even offered Whisky. That rejection would prove to be good for me. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi purchased MI.

It's said to be the most expensive domain name purchased by a Chinese Internet company, and Xiaomi intends to use it to make its brand name easier to remember. Now both are owned by Amazon, but Clothes. Alf Temme sold the domain after owning it for almost nine years. It was one of his smoother sales; in Microsoft sued him for owning ho0tmail.

The buyer in February's massive, all-cash sale was reportedly a company in Prague that also owns Swingers.

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At the time of its sale, Porn. Stop Chamber Abuse - Skip Hoagland World Record Sale - Jeff Gabriel Startups - Andrew Rosener Sell a.

Outbound Sales - Joe Uddeme ICA - Phil Corwin Domaining in - Ron Jackson Webfest Global - Aaron Kvitek SaaS - Matt Mazur ZA - Warrick Mulder Due Diligence - Michael Cyger Spying on Competitors - Michael Cyger WordPress Multisite - Michael Cyger Affiliate Websites - Perry Rosenbloom Thought Convergence - Ammar Kubba Hallpass Media - Bill Karamouzis Go Daddy - Paul Nicks Winged Media - Troy Rushton The Domain King - Rick Schwartz Right of the Dot - Michael Berkens Legal Brand Marketing - Braden Pollock Domain Legal Issues - David E.

Weslow CO - Juan Calle Sedo - Ryan Colby Value Generic Domains - Andrew Rosener Alberta Hot Rods - Jeff Burgar 9. Get Rich Click - Marc Ostrofsky 8. Geo Domains - Elliot Silver 7.

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Domain Investment Services - Justin Godfrey 5. DN Journal - Ron Jackson 4. ZipSmart - Jake Ackerman 3. TeenDomainer - Brian Diener 2.

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