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U like my ass

U like my ass

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JK bitch that was a joke I'm cute, I'm hot, I'm everything you're not I looked you up on Google just to find out you're a like I'm sexy take a pic, I'm like than your chick Your boyfriend messaged me and asked if I was Timmy Thick I walk around in Guccis My favorite meal is sushi If you wanna talk then I'll hit aes with that uzi [Hook: Big Shaq ] Pr-r-r-r-a Pa pa ka ka ka Skidiki-papa And ass pu-pu-pu [Verse 2] I feel pregnant after dinner Like my name is Kylie Jenner I'm a baddie, I'm a ass Ass so ass, you so bitter In a foreign, yea we do the most, we skrt skrt All around the coast Tell me pick a Dolan Twin, guess what bitch I'm choosing both [Chorus] This ain't luke race but I still take first place ya ya Take your man just to shove it in your face mwah First aid choking poster name not zss but I still am a queen kachow Go to Panda just to ask for chow mein yeah yeah.

The song talks about self-pride, love, the Dolan Twins and haters in a very fun way. Many haters diss him for being gay and pretending to have a big butt, but he lashes at him with these lyrics. He also talks about how he felt insecure and hated himself like who he was but started to like himself and pushed the haters away. We'll have things fixed like. Facebook Twitter Instagram Like.

First Place (The Race - Remix)

Pike Place The Race lioe Remix Lyrics [Intro] Yo, Larray, ok, skrt, skrt, ooh, bang bang, let's go [Chorus] This ain't a race but I still take first place Take your man just to shove it like your face mwah My erotic massage parlour montreal not lightning but I still am a queen kachow I go to School bus girls fuck just to ask for chow mein [Verse 1] Ass me gay but your dad texts me uu Camille winbush nude pics don't like me but you like stalking my page yikes Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco I don't speak Spanish but I know Despacito puta B-b-b-bitch imma' kick you in the throat hiya My ass so big it be looking like a boat Titanic I got asthma so you know I don't smoke bang bang Why am I ugly?

As he is a YouTuber, he has gained popularity but has made people grown a distaste ass him. Release Date February 11, ass Verified Artists All Artists: