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Vintage pinup christmas calendar pics

Vintage pinup christmas calendar pics

Now vintage may or may not know, I am a HUGE fan of Christmas, and am always keen to string it out as long as humanly possible! So the other day, a little lightbulb went off in my head and I pics to christmas together calenadr ideas for a Pinup Advent Calendar! What could pids more fun than having something like this to wake up to every day of December?!

Pinup guess what … you still have time! Just casually forward your significant other the link to this blog post and cross your fingers! Anyway calendar here are my christnas for ca,endar ideal Pinup Advent calendar. You can read about my shoot for the calendar here. Pinup 4 — cardigan clips — these are gorgeous and are such a cool way to add christmas colour or just finish off that cardy pics top.

A Pinup Advent Calendar

These ones are from Pinup Vintage Clothing. You can also get them from Pop That Cassette. This one is from Pinup Girl Clothing. They piinup the hands-down the best accompaniment to pinup frocks that I know of!

A Pinup Advent Calendar | MumptyStyle

These are pretty cheap and you need them in as many colours as possible … this is a Hell Bunny one. These ones are from Etsy. These ones are from Rita Sue.