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What color is cummins blue

What color is cummins blue

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General What Discussion Talk blue general diesel engines theory, etc. If it's about diesel, and it doesn't fit anywhere else, then put it right in here. Find All Thanked Posts. There is "Hemi Orange" and a cummins common Mopar color that you see in print is that light, almost Cummins Blue color. I think it's called "Petty Cloor possibly? I'm not looking for the most popular body color, Mopar has had plenty of wild colors, but I'm looking for the color that best represents Mopar like the colors for Ford and What I mentioned above.

Cummins has the light brown redhead teen beach pussy webcam but I've seen more and more red Cummins motors. The fire department I work for has almost all Cummins color trucks and they are all a bright red color.

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Find More Posts by squirlchasr Thanked 10 Times in 8 Posts. Find More Posts by Blake Clark. That's known as "corporate blue".