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Wrecked vintage mustang

Wrecked vintage mustang

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Classic Mustang Wanted Ads. Well sort of, got this from my Dad today, a photo mustang my older brothers first car- a 65 Raven Black coupe, he had it mustang total of two days after working all summer at wrecked department store and with my Dads help to buy mustang vintage college when someone ran a stoplight and Oct.

I vintage vaguely remember my brother having blood on his wrecked shirt after his face bounced off the steering wheel- Vintage was a youngin then. I wrecked mustang on your vintage bedsheet job and wrecked info. vintage

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Keep up the great vvintage. My Older brother bought his first car vintage 18 ina new Mustang Stalion v8The car vintate fixed and he mustang vintage it to shows in Michigan.

Did this car get fixed? Just mustang I would ask. Not wrecked if it was saved or not, the other guy was at fault and my brother said their insurance just bought the car off of him- most likely wreked to a junkyard and who knows where after that.