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Tell me something: What would you do if your penis measured almost twice the international average in both length and girth?


And with the rise of over 20 new online male escort services here in recent times, growth is expected to surge. The escort business is also a way for women to get back into dating, reignite their sex life and reboot confidence.

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It was a harsh blow, but looking back, James says, it all added up. Plan to leave on your own and leave the rest up to chemistry.

Male escorting: what it takes to make it work

The male escort market has tripled over the last five years in the UK, according to a study from Lancaster University. It started when James was in his early twenties.

Avoid talking about work and keep it light hearted. He believes all relationships should be bound this way, despite the damage it would cause to his business. Her smile - breathtaking.

A sucker for older ladies, he was dating a mature businesswoman named Erin. Her breasts - exquisite. Get more from Men's Health.

James once played the lead role in a painfully awkward voyeurism show, in which his client paid to watch him sleep with another woman. Then Erin crushed his world. James had been unwittingly groomed into the role of male escort.

How does one become a straight male escort?

The mustachioed man perched himself in the corner of the hotel room, put his feet up and sipped on a glass of shiraz as he enjoyed the arse-slapping view. Try to bounce off her energy.

He has a similar sleeve tattoo and coiffured bouffant but with a cherubic face, goofy laugh and less-toned abs. Subscribe Now. Instead James is shy, honest, down to earth — dare we say, boy-next-door.

Think luxury accessories, expensive purses and sports cars. With the help of friends he fully committed to the business ininvesting in a razor sharp website, professional photos and even a mushy tag line. It was a huge financial risk but it paid off - with tips.

Getty Images. James got into the industry just as it was beginning to take off.

With his grey T, relaxed jeans and distinct lack of glitz, gold, or even a simple watch, James is proof that women want approachable, not sensational. When it comes to fetishes like this, James prides himself on an open door policy. James fell head over her killer heels.

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We have been in the straight male escort industry and have found one of the best and most affordable ways to get in the game.


I had a few female friends who said I should give it a try.