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Her voice helped shed light on the inner workings of a seemingly murky world and contributed to edmonton escort cost removal of a moratorium in place since I provide a service and then I am reimbursed for that service. Both gigs mean she has to hustle for clients. But both offer flexible schedules and lean towards cash-based models that allow her to choose her clients. Even before she was hired, she was spotted during the interview by a man who wanted to solicit her services.


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Denounce third party profiteering, especially in commercialized contexts, e. Report a John Please assist us in the tracking of 'john' activity in your community by simply reporting it online.

Purchasing sexual services, or communicating in any place for the purpose of obtaining for consideration, the sexual services of a person. All information submitted in these forms is completely confidential. Protect those who sell their own sexual services, encourage them to report incidents of violence and leave prostitution.

Please assist us in the tracking of 'john' activity in your community by simply reporting it online. Call from your mobile device!

Report a john

Receiving material benefit in a commercialized context is aggravating factor for sentencing purposes. What is Legal?

Users should be aware that submitting a false report for malicious reasons or even as a practical joke is a very serious offense Public Mischief s. All rights reserved. Protect communities from harms brought by prostitution.

Below you will find information on the legalities of exchanging money for sex. Your information will be used to understand where and how much prostitution activity is occurring in Edmonton neighbourhoods.

The selling of sex in Canada is legal, but the purchasing of sex is illegal in all circumstances. Communicating for the purpose of selling sexual services in public places that are or are next to school grounds, playgrounds or daycare centres.

The New Sex Trade Laws December Information taken from Department of Justice Canada Bill C, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act CIF: December 6, : Treats prostitution as fostering demand for sexual exploitation, views prostitution as a dangerous and exploitative practice, harmful to those involved disproportionately women and girlscommunities and society. Prostitution Offences: Section Penalty victim under edmonton escort cost years : indictable offence, 10 year maximum, 6 month MMP for first offence and 1 year MMP for subsequent offences subsection Section Exceptions for non-exploitative relationships subsection Third parties who receive material benefits in the context of commercial enterprises are criminalized.

Prostitution in edmonton

Selling sexual services independently or cooperatively with others e. Immunizes from criminal liability those who sell their own sexual services regarding the part they play in purchasing, material benefit, procuring and advertising offences. Penalty victim under 18 years : 14 year maximum penalty, 2 year Mandatory Minimum Punishment.

Legislative Objectives: Reduce incidence of prostitution, with a view to abolishing it to the greatest extent possible. There are often misconceptions about what is and is not legal when dealing with the sex trade. Receiving a financial or material benefit obtained by or derived from commission of purchasing offence.

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Featuring a thriving downtown with amble nightlife offerings including night clubs, strip clubs, casinos, and excellent fine dining — there is no shortage of entertainment offerings in Edmonton.


Edmonton is one of the best served cities in Canada for the adult industry and has a host of d body rub centres providing full service.


A d escort in Edmonton says a federal law deed to make sex work safer has had the opposite effect.


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