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Note: that any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults. Use these fields to query the availability diaries of the members that have completed them. If you're looking to Webcam or Phone Chat There are many webcammers and phone chat providers on-line right now.


I am very much looking forward to getting back to normal and seeing all my favourites and new clients, it is very hard to write a blog when you've done very little! At this time you may use this insight to discuss any mutual interests gosport babe escort DirectCamPhone Chat or the Site's built-in system. So, I have just pottered around my house and you be thinking my house must be gleaming but unfortunately I am not that girl but I have watched just about every documentary on Netflix, nowtv and Amazon!

Even my phone is shaming me by letting me know my steps have been piss poor for 11 weeks! The foundation stones to balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. More information on Coronavirus and AdultWork. I am the the full girlfriend experience with a sassy, opinionated, outgoing woman on the outside, with a soft, sensitive and cuddly inside not to mention the best and driest sense of hoomer. Now you might think I should be out on my bike or walking but what you need to know about me is that I have a certain paranoia about safety so I struggle to walk alone.

Contact and see me with an open heart and a respectful manner and experience something more than you have ever experienced before. The member's Available Today status can be used to ascertain their current ability to communicate with you. I have been bowled over by lovely clients who have checked up on me as a friend and from a particular person who has made it his business to love and protect me as his friend and no amount of money would ever replace that.

I have a largest one and it looked like all my seedlings had jumped into a brown sea yesterday and the wind blew my tunnel cover off and the frame went with it massacring my green babies as it went. I always thought I would enjoy having my own time to garden and cook and generally watch lots of box sets but actually after a year it's pretty boring. I have lots of unfiltered face and body pics in my private gosport babe escort. Over 20 years gosport babe escort in loving and leaving lol.

For the girls who do this only, they have crashed in Universal credit like lambs to the UK slaughter house. I, as a person am very much a home body and I have certainly not suffered as much as some. I am in my own personal revolution of easy fitness, watching sisterwives while jogging and looking out of the window at passers by and feeling smug!

This week was my first proper week back in the game since before lockdown and as an update, it was so nice to see old faces and hear about their covid stories, it was like being a war gosport babe escort on the other side.

I don't know why these stupid cheap ass polytunnels just don't stay where they are put! Because social distancing is a requirement of all citizens we have removed the facility to arrange a meeting with any advertiser and would strongly encourage you to follow the Government's advice on activities that can be performed outdoors.

This profile remains visible as offering Escort Services to give you the insight that under normal conditions this member engages in physical meetings. The past has no power over the present moment. I have this life well and truly sussed my friends!

When you are penalized by society for your job choice, you don't expect to hear it from other tarts but yes. I haven't worked since before the official lock down and it is so crazy that has been such a wash out. I think it is definitely true that you receive what you settle for and gosport babe escort because you are being a loving and giving person does not mean the other person will be. I did a blog about clients not being friends as money is exchanged and this has been blown far far out of the water by the close connections that I have made by 2 of the most wonderful men, one a present and one a past client.

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I have seen such unkindness from working girl to working girl that I had to stop reading these forums. Stay well my loves, till we meet again x Tuesday, December 3rd Updates I cannot believe that it is December already! I don't frequent pubs and clubs anymore and I am certainly not a shopper. I went to a christian school so I know every one by heart! To experience friendship with no alternate motive is such a breath of fresh air and I really appreciate them x So, I have put 3 of my Christmas trees up and various gosport babe escort light set ups.

gosport babe escort I have covid at the start of the new year and I wish I could tell you a hammed up story of struggle but I was fortunate enough gosport babe escort have had minimal symptoms ending in the standard fatigue which is continuing to a lesser extent. It wont surprise anyone to know I love Christmas. For more blogs, Authentic Member? To preserve my anonymityI i don't give my full postcode or road.

I also lost a wonderful client early on into the 1st lock down and this has been quite a blow going from seeing someone every week; same day; same time; same fun, I am still thinking about him and his family at such an unexpected loss. If you do not confirm your appointment within 2 hours of the commencement or when I have specified then unfortunately it will be cancelled.

I you want to see me on cam be aware, I will do nothing sexual in group including getting fully undressed. I enjoy the company of men seeking more than a quick thrill, but an intimate connection with a pretty lady.

Getting by and hopefully paying the tax man like everyone else in society. Those who seek to avail themselves of such services can maintain their requirements online and browse the services on offer with ease. A few less calories but the same health benefits as running outside. I mean, obviously, that analogy is plain insulting but I can't think of another one and it is a collective experience both good and bad.

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No one is indifferent to this virus war and we all have our own stories to tell. Imagine the little Cherry in long white socks sitting cross legged on the dusty parquet floor singing little town of Bethlehem every bloody morning for 4 weeks. Short clips as I have no control over the pricing of the movies unfortunately x Don't forget; character is what you are when no one is watching x.

Whatever else that may occur if and when contact is made is the choice of consenting adults. Please read my blog to get gosport babe escort know me, I don't find it necessary to write endless words about my favourite kind of dog because lets face it we know you all like the pussy! In this lockdown, I have stopped work and am relying on the goodness of others to get me through this period of not working.

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I have been taught such valuable lessons about friendship and love in the last few months. I was also in the choir so we used to sing in rest houses for the old dears. I have a terrible seedling story story to share just because it shattered gosport babe escort yesterday. I don't give any further location information apart from a local landmark. I am a proper gym bunny when covid isn't ruining everyone's lives and my hair is currently cerise pink.

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I have a fun rescue mix of plants now with gosport babe escort tags; are they sprouts;cabbages or the hard grown khol rabi? Note: Any money paid to the adult escorts listed on this website is for their time and companionship only. It is a fact, there is actual scientific papers on it. So, much as I have enjoyed the weight gain we are back on the fruit and salad and def feeling better, I am growing lots of vegetables and fruit bushes which is great.

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Enjoy your weekend and I will see you all soon x Thursday, April 2nd Coronavirus Lockdown Morning you beautiful people, Well appears to be a bit of a shit show! Enjoy your Saturday folks! We don't know how long this is going to go on so unless you have a years worth of savings it isn't going to help.

I love the feeling of happiness, friendship and family that comes from Christmas and I love going to church at Christmas and singing the cheesy carols. It is chat only, if you want to engage in some juicy adult fun you need to private me, I will ignore all requests in group. I am 46 years old and one of the rarities that dont lie about their age, what you see is what you get. The fallacy that working girls are minted is wrong, unless you are working day and night and have no children etc you are probably just living your life like everyone else. C xx Monday, March 22nd Spring, seedlings and seed Wow-wee, I feel like I've gone from a slow meander down a long winding lake and jumped back on to the rocketing train.

Contact Me Send me a free when Southcoastcherryx posts to their blog Saturday, March gosport babe escort Running on the spot Running on the spot, running on the spot. I would love to hear from everyone about their lockdown experiences good and bad. When I read about Coronavirus in China I saddled my highest horse and rode it through the beautiful morality mountains of wet markets and Chinese world of eating everything including the snout gosport babe escort all the Western snobbery I could muster.

Outcalls Minimum outcall is 60 minutes.

So, today instead of enjoying the sun and a nice walk I have to start all over again. Add to Blacklist. I started the lockdown probably the same as others using it as an excuse to sit and eat biscuits and eating lots of animal free comfort food and because of this I have drawers of clothes gosport babe escort now don't fit my boobs are very impressive though Going from spending 2 hours in the gym most days to sitting on the sofa has been pretty hard.

As we draw towards a conclusion to lockdown I am looking forward to seeing my favs again but it wont be until hairdressers etc are back at work and I will be doing very reduced hours, at this point I think the best way to work will be 1 day a week a friday so I have the maximum amount of days after to keep us all safe. My personal life this year has been torn apart and thrown into the wind and after much gosport babe escort thought I have decided to stop chasing the pieces and just be content with the pieces that blew back my way.

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So, for now my people I am well and enjoying the down time, it has to be said sex is the last thing on my mind currently as I watch the community crumble in fear and illness and I worry constantly about my loved ones but I hope we all come through this intact and stronger as a community. Social distancing is a requirement of all UK citizens.

Hopefully, this blog will be the start of a more exciting dialogue x Friday, June 12th wait, wait. I have felt such a level of close bonded friendship with them that I don't think I have experienced in any romantic gosport babe escort. Yes I did know I wrote hoomer. The last few weeks has seen fear in our escorting community that has never been seen before, both fear for the virus itself and fear for what this means to the job of escorting.

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I fell with a crash on my ass when Coronavirus hit our shores and led to such turmoil in my own life. I am so humbled by the friendship I have been shown and I hope I will be able to return that loyalty when needed.

We all suffer time wasters and trolls and so this is a strict boundary. A complete dichotomy of all the gosport babe escort oddest traits. More information on what you are permitted to do under the current conditions can be found on the Government's Website.

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I have weights at home so I have been using them every other day but cardio has been sadly lacking. Remember to support all your girls in this time be it by sending positive messages, buying PG or videos to help her out in this difficult time, if she gosport babe escort decided to cam then support her in that or she will disappear. Also, I am degree educated and so dabble in the odd intelligent conversation. Waiting to start a new job and at the mercy of the dbs system and old job references I am spending my days at my allotment and enjoying my feathered and furry friends and trying to turn this scary, negative time into some good, a learning experience if you will.

I will be answering text and but will not reply if unavailable days are asked for during this time.

All those boring 5am runs, choking on my own spit, scared of oncoming cars and people and I could have been just running on the spot. Life long vegan that I am, I quickly circled back to the red rivers of factory farming and how Westerners are so ridiculous to point fingers when we treat our own animals so abhorrently.

Incalls I live in Gosport as stated on my profile.

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