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Most of the places you mentioned are ethnic hell holes populated by people whose only response to living in Australia is to rob and rort the system. Be nice to hear about Newcastle, the mid north coast, inland areas like Muswellbrook. Claymore was also ranked among the five most disadvantaged suburbs in all of New South Wales during an independent study conducted in factoring in a mix of indicators ranging from education levels, criminal convictions and juvenile offences.

I have never seen any such issues and the people there are friendly. Kingswood prostitute areas much like the rest of Australia — soulless, boring and meaningless.

93 sydney street st marys, nsw

Unless you want to live as a self sufficient farmer in the bush somewhere creating your own adventures as you go along, the modern suburban life cycle is the way of life for the vast majority of people in Australia. Hillsong shit? For potential residents, it also has a high rate of home theft as well as one of the highest instances of robbery without a firearm in all of greater Sydney. Mel, the author is spot on…. Rooty Hill, Whalen and Tregear take top honours as a place of hell on earth.

Jul As a whole, Sydney ranks as one of the safest global cities in the world; it was even recently ranked 5th out of the top 10 safest to visit during by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It can trace this heritage back to kingswood prostitute areas s when it was kingswood prostitute areas a housing commission project and has not had much luck or chance to evolve ever since. There are far more deadlier places than Tregearthe people that live in Tregear are usually poorbut they are humble and often keep to themselves and dont cause trouble.

I was born in Bankstown. I sold Foxtel all over Sydney and together with Macquarie fields, these areas are enough to make you commit suicide. And that comes from the diversity of the multicultural people in Bankstown. Personally I agree with a lot of the comments through my own experiences witnessing ificant change over the past 40 years kingswood prostitute areas when I was growing up there. Lo of traffic, poor public transport options. Spot on mate.

There were 4 murderers arrested over a few years.

Glad you changed the rankings because Merrylands is definitely not the worst suburb in Sydney. You sound like you hate immigrants.

10 most dangerous sydney suburbs

I grew up in Western Sydney so I know a lot of these areas kingswood prostitute areas well. Unfortunately, there is a tragic trend that hangs over the suburbs mentioned that lead them into a downward spiral. Visit our Sydney Suburbs Crime Statistics for a full statistical breakdown of crime rates for all major crime types in every suburb of Sydney per population.

Domain also gave it the worst possible score of all suburbs in Sydney for crime during their annual liveability survey for I completely agree with Mattin my opinion he is spot on. No, it means that that the harassment was unprovoked, which makes it arguably worse.

Lots of crime from the housing commission block. As with Bankstown, Liverpool also nowadays suffers from high property prices that are not justified by the quality of living the suburb offers. Are the Christians committing street crime? Kingswood prostitute areas in the unpleasantness of dumped furniture or garbage and a general lack of roide greenery, and its not a very pretty package. An ignorant, disappointing review, evidently written by someone with very little cultural experience I might add.

It seems that your browser is a very old version.

Stuff em all I say. The unfortunate and lingering posterchild for the correlation between high quantities of housing commission and crime rates, Tregear — another of the satellite suburbs fringing Mount Druitt — ranks as the cheapest place to buy property in Sydney for a reason. The kingswood prostitute areas places are populated by Australian drop kicks who seem to only exist to suck money from the government, steal, get drugged up and bash each other.

Amenity-wise Bankstown is very well equipped and offers a wide range of big and small scale shopping as well as a pretty desirable 30 minute or so commute to the Sydney CBD, but property prices have risen quite a lot in recent years which has removed its other major benefit.

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They are absolute shit holes. Matt kingswood prostitute areas to mention his suburb Kograh, with their dance studio rapist, drug lab explosions, and higher state average cocaine use. Car break-ins are frequent and abandoned cars can often be found on the streets, with many streets crammed with cars from large families sharing a single dwelling. When there are literal street s attempting to remind people not to commit domestic violence, well… you get the picture. And I go there shopping all the time kingswood prostitute areas never see any cars tailgating or doing burnouts!!

Lane cove is the Mount Druitt of the North shore. I feel sad for the residents in these suburbs. Police officers have been killed in the past, and it also ranks very highly per-capita for drug related offences as well. Since that point the situation has only continued to deteriorate, with it racking up firearm usage records and becoming renowned for topping the drive-by shooting rankings over the past decade.

Near mowbray road. Kogarah Itself is a good area, but like so many other places in Sydney it does have its fair share of issues. How can there be crime when there is no life? I feel safe. All of these variables greatly outweigh its pluses such as proximity to Parramatta and connectivity to the Sydney CBD, and good multicultural dining can be had elsewhere in more pleasant environments as well.

Not sure this article is any good I completely disagree with Auburn- writer need to do kingswood prostitute areas research — Auburn now is home to many Nepalese migrants and you can see plenty of Nepalese people walking around station and one the street- who are fairly calm in nature!! Tregear is one aye?? Note these are not ranked in any particular order. For your record, there is nothing wrong with Bankstown.

Sydney is over rated. The one that is hostile and racist is you. Doonside for eg. I lived in lane cove for a bit. Yes the northwest is what we should all strive to be. Really poorly written, outdated article. Throw in high rates of drug use and distribution, and pretty much any other suburb not too far away — such as Holsworthy, Panania or even Cabramatta itself — would serve as a much better alternative to live than Liverpool. I dont know all the places, but what i do know, i agree with. We have parks lit up at night, playgrounds, a cinema, Georges River picnic and boating ramps, late night shopping, bowling, go karting, skate kingswood prostitute areas, all major retailers, all fast food, outdoor restaurants that close late.

Our modern life is normally a cycle of going to work, going to the shops and going home.

Dont judge a book by its cover until you have experienced it for yourself. Druitt satellite suburbs such as Whalan, Bidwill and Dharruk — basically the postcode as a whole is dangerous, plain and simple. Merrylands is a bit of a tragic tale as far as Sydney suburbs go, having been transformed from decent to bad after a large quantity of housing commission was plopped within its midsts.

At night, the train station becomes even more of a crime hotspot particularly through the parks making any potential walks home a literal roll kingswood prostitute areas the drama dice. Go to work go home go to shops go home. Thanks for sharing Matt.

Bikie gangs have used it as a base for decades, and much of its current immigrant community is still very insular and hostile against other demographics. Gang activity has also been a regular occurrence here and in nearby Lidcombe. Well, except for the beaches perhaps. Merrylands has also been cited as the origin point for a of terrorist plots within Australia by special police forces, and it also tied first for its quantity of attempted murders over the last calendar year. Basically: south equals bad, north equals better. A shit suburb is a shit suburb no matter what you can find to eat there.

What is it that you define as kingswood prostitute areas, exciting, and meaningful? Souless unless you like that hillsong shtboring, meaningless. Well written Matt. One day watching Youtube vids of GTA5 where the player was running around stabbing ppl.

Brothels in sydney

Its malls and shopping areas are a haven for a range of miscellaneous hangers-on with a mix of alcohol and drug problems, and harassment is frequent for people simply walking while minding their own business. The relationship between these and not only crime, but homelessness, mental health issues and drug addiction unfortunately continue to play out in full force here.

Car break-ins are frequent, residents drinking and swearing at passersby in the middle of the day outside their houses is a common occurrence, and simply making eye contact can unintentionally create an unpleasant incident. I avoid every single one of these shitbags, foreign or native, at every opportunity. This kingswood prostitute areas is ridiculously biased, ill informed and frankly a load of rubbish… Perhaps statistics were used, bit I dare say personal experience was incredibly lacking. But the worst thing was the crime. We all had a laugh and i swear to god, that afternoon, there was a man with a machete and had attacked someone…at Doonside.

You must be from Cherrybrook. A hostile atmosphere soon follows, and turns people considering moving there from elsewhere or even visiting for the day to do some shopping off. Fighting in the streets, frequent muggings when coming home from the station at night, and even past instances of machete attacks and kingswood prostitute areas have all occurred in Doonside. Being harassed for cigarettes and spare change on public transport are frequent occurrences, and the suburb also boasts a high instance of domestic violence.

Street brawls involving poles and machetes, thrown bricks, intentionally hitting people with motor vehicles and more — while not regular or frequent occurrences — have all occurred in Tregear over the past several years. Liverpool is a prime example of a Sydney suburb in which a handful of good is outweighed by a larger blend of bad. I thought Lane Cove was full of upscale mums sipping a nice red while watching Tarquin play junior soccer and Myfanwy have a jolly good time playing hockey?

Surely that would result in at least 6.

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