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We might as well get the obvious one out of the way. Vietnam has a heroin problem, so the government has stiffened their penalties for drug offenses over the last few years, and anyone caught with heroin faces the death penalty. Traffickers are pretty well guaranteed long prison sentences at the very least.


Read 10 reviews. However, the water park is part of the bigger Dam Sen Theme Park, which has a of captive animals, included poorly treated elephants. Shopping at local stalls, eating in local restaurants, tipping guides, hotel and restaurant staff will have a huge impact on their income. But there are plenty of issues to keep in vietnam prostitution guide when it comes to responsible tourism in Vietnam - from the overcrowding and pollution of UNESCO-rated Halong Bay, to the fair treatment of Hoi An's skilled tailors.

Wildlife & nature

Responsible tourism tips. Much of Vietnam is still incredibly poor. Read 4 reviews. There are plenty of things to do in Vietnam, both inland and on the water; we've picked our top four below. Never touch or step on coral, and report any operator who drops anchor on live coral. Vietnam itineraries. Tourism is growing fast in Vietnam, a country with a dark history that is looking towards a bright future. Vietnam hugs the entire east coast of Southeast Asia, stretching over 1,km. Sea turtle shells and eggs are particularly prized in Vietnam, along with wild animal skins vietnam prostitution guide ivory.

If snorkelling or diving, be sure to travel with a responsible operator. And never show the soles of your feet. The Dam Sen Water Park in Saigon is a popular daytrip for families wanting to escape the tropical heat.

Bui vien street

The same applies to wild meat — as well as promoting poaching, it can also carry a risk of disease. In Hue, an organisation called Spiral focuses on disabled children and young adults. Ask about their methods of disposing of trash and wastewater, and whether they invest in any local clean up initiatives. Read 1 review. Try and get a discount for commissioning three or four items, rather than one.

Social enterprise projects train and employ kids and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to prevent them from having to turn to this kind of work. However, giving sweets to children should be avoided, as should giving money to children in the street — even if they are selling something.

Cost of a sex holiday in vietnam

Vietnam is a country very much in recovery; though the war may have ended four decades ago, its effects linger on. Read 2 reviews. More about Vietnam. Learning English is paramount, so they also take small groups of travellers into the markets each week to practice. Vietnam holidays, tailor made Tailor made Vietnam holidays.

Read 6 reviews. Vietnam heritage tour Create your own tailormade trip in Vietnam. Our Vietnam travel guide reveals how to explore the Mekong Delta, get out on the waters of Halong Bay, traverse this long country by train, and meet the hill tribes of the north, for an unforgettable Southeast Asian holiday.

Complete guide to red light districts in saigon

Cultures, landscapes, climates and activities vary across its length Things to do in Vietnam. All of the money goes into funding heart transplants in Central Vietnam. Read 3 reviews. Even if you just give them a glance, they can really become an annoyance.

If your boat crew or guides throw litter into the bay, report this to your operator and shout about it on review sites and social media.

Single holiday in vietnam – planning, advice & costs

Sadly, the local government has not capped the of tourists of boats who set out into the bay each day. Best time to visit Vietnam. If you see western tourists with local children, or a Vietnamese child being brought into a hotel by a local adult, report it to the owner of the hotel or restaurant.

They recycle things that you can find on the street into jewellery and then sell it. A Vietnam prostitution guide history tour will take you from the Hanoi Hilton to the Cu Chi tunnels with no end of important key historical sites in between Visiting Vietnam and Cambodia together provides plenty of opportunities to compare and contrast landscapes, the food and the cultural heritage See all our Vietnam Holidays Give us a call.

She shares her Vietnam travel advice on adjusting to cultural differences:. So allow two or three days, and check that the work is not being done overnight. Discover the tribes, villages and cultural travel tips that will help you travel like a local in Vietnam prostitution guide, way beyond the stream of tourists Vietnam history. The best way to stamp out child sex tourism is to provide an alternative for the children. But just say no politely, and show absolutely no interest in what they are doing, and they will walk away.

Responsible tourism in vietnam

Read 8 reviews. Read 5 reviews. Read our tips below to find out how to travel better in Vietnam. It may be entirely innocent, but any ethical business will at least enquire.

Our guide helps you plan your Vietnam holiday, region by region, with a helpful month by month guide and tips on the following the lunar calendar Vietnam travel guide. Much of Vietnam is still very conservative, especially in rural areas, and going nude or topless on beaches is never appropriate.

Kian Rackley, from our supplier Insider Journeys, explains:. Tourism is a major contributor to this, as around 15 percent of females associated with prostitution under Note that we do not refer to these young people as 'child sex workers' vietnam prostitution guide 'child 'prostitutes', because as campaigning organisations have rightly pointed out, these children are not working.

What you can do Choose an operator with a responsible tourism policy. They are victims of abuse and rape.

Responsible tourism in Vietnam. There's more than enough to keep you busy Vietnams Reunification Express. It in a recognised diploma. Read 14 reviews. Toggle. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites. It is within the kitchens, the markets and on the streets where you'll discover the one true tie that describes Vietnam's cultural identity: its food Vietnam Hill Tribes. However, if you look that bit closer the story is rather different. As well as threatening the species, this is also illegal and you could end up with hefty fines or worse. Read 24 reviews. If they fail to act, take your business elsewhere, or if you are very concerned that the child is in danger, report vietnam prostitution guide to the Vietnam Child Helpline on toll freerun by Child Helpline International.

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vietnam prostitution guide Never purchase items from endangered species. Bears, monkeys and dogs are dressed up and made to perform for visitors — so do not support any part of this park. Taking a cyclo tour is another great way to support the local economy, and support a trade which is dying out in favour of taxis and motorcycles. The word will spread that tourists demand responsible practices, and more will begin to follow suit.

Vietnam holiday, South to North From bright lights, to beaches and junk boats.

Even the air is hazy with pollution. Litter bobs around in the bay along with dead fish and raw sewage. Find a tour which visits local communities, and which allows you the chance to interact with the people and spend money by buying refreshments or crafts. Alaska Canada USA. Responsible tourism in Vietnam Tourism is growing fast in Vietnam, a country with a dark history that is looking towards a bright future.

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While you will see Vietnam hookers on your trip, be aware that prostitution is illegal in Vietnam.


The age of consent is 18 years, prostitution is forbidden in any form and is strictly punished.


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Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Thailand among single men from all over the world who seek cheaper prices and a culturally more authentic experience.